Free automatic web forwarding

AFWD offers a free no signup web forwarding service.


  • No Signup/ No Login
  • Supports Permanent (301), Temporary (302) and more exotic 307/308 redirects.
  • Automatic SSL certificates for https redirects.
  • Preserve or remove the query string.
  • Supports appending domain name to query string.
  • Configured via DNS records at your existing domain registrar/reseller.
  • Change destination at any time by updating the TXT record.
  • Quick and easy wildcard (* or subdomain ( redirects.

Setup free web forwarding

  1. Signup to our announce mailing list (strongly recommended as any changes will be announced here) and optional support list.
  2. Configure DNS (A, AAAA and TXT) records on your domain as below, if you need assistance ask on the list).
  3. Once DNS has propagated visit the domains in your browser to trigger SSL generation (generally installed within 24 hours).

DNS Configuration

To point your domain towards AFWD add the following A, AAAA and TXT DNS records replacing with your domain, where 14400 seconds (4 hours) is the records time to live (TTL).

  • 14400 A
  • 14400 A
  • 14400 AAAA 2a01:4f8:c2c:30a8::1
  • 14400 AAAA 2607:5300:201:3100::9325
To forward additional subdomains with the same configuration simply add a CNAME record for the subdomain or add a wildcard as shown below.
  • 14400 CNAME
  • * 14400 CNAME
To configure the destination of forwarding the TXT record is built from multiple required and optional components.

v=YESafwd1 This indicates the TXT record should be parsed by the AFWD engine and must occur at the start of the TXT record.
preserve=Noy Query string is preserved when forwarding (e.g. the "query/text/" in "" -> "").
n Query string is removed when forwarding (e.g. the "query/text/" in "" -> "") [default].
append=Noy The forwarded domain is appended to the query string (before any anchor text).
n Forwarded domain is not appended to query string of forwarding destination [default].
type=No301permRedirect "Moved Permanently".
302tempRedirect "Found" (Temporary redirect) [default].
307  Redirect "Temporary Redirect" (preserves POST across redirect).
308  Redirect "Permanent Redirect" (preserves POST across redirect).

Example TXT records

In the following examples the domain being forwarded is

  • 14400 TXT "v=afwd1 dest="
This is the most basic configuration with the optional parameters omitted.
"" -> ""
"" -> ""
(Domain is forwarded using a 302 temporary redirect)

  • 14400 TXT "v=afwd1 preserve=y type=308 dest="
Preserving the query string.
"" -> ""
"" -> ""
(Domain is forwarded using a 308 permanent redirect)

  • 14400 TXT "v=afwd1 type=perm append=y dest="
Append domain name to query string.
"" -> ""
"" -> ""
(Domain is forwarded using a 301 permanent redirect)

  • 14400 TXT "v=afwd1 preserve=y append=y dest="
The Preserve option overrides the append option (irrespective of the order they occur)
"" -> ""
"" -> ""
(Domain is forwarded using a 302 temporary redirect)